Network Earth Rotation Service

The Network Earth Rotation Service (NERS)is an on-line tool for dissemination of the Earth's orientation parameter that describes irregularity in the Earth's rotation that are determined from observations and partly from numerical weather models. The service provides an automatic access to the parameter that describes the Earth's rotation from 1976.01.01 through 48 hours in the future.

Since the irregularities in the Earth's rotation are caused by motion of the hydrosphere and the atmosphere no deterministic model can describe them with the accuracy comparable with accuracy of observations. The Earth's rotation is constantly monitored by space geodesy observations. The NERS assimilates the results of data analysis of Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI), Global Navigation Satellite Systems, and the output of numerical models, computes short term EOP forecast, takes the long-term EOP forecast distributed by the Paris Observatory and distributed the results in a form convenient for users. See the acknowledgment section for the list of agencies that provides the results of data analysis used by the NERS.

See the Earth rotation explained for a discussion about variations in the Earth's rotation.

Available services:

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This project is supported by NASA Earth Surface & Interior program, grant NNX15AC10G.

The contribution of the following agencies is used by the NERS:

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