Current latency of the Earth orientation series

Status at 2017.05.25_06:40:10 UTC         ( 2017.05.25_02:40:10 local time )

Data type Series name Latency Last time updated (UTC) Latency plot (short) Latency plot (long)
EOP series IAA Intensive 11.17 hour 2017.05.24_19:30:07 latency of iaa_j Latency of iaa_j
EOP series GSFC Intensive 35.69 hour 2017.05.23_18:58:59 latency of gsfc_i Latency of gsfc_i
EOP series GSFC 24-hour EOP 16.07 days 2017.05.09_04:59:00 latency of gsfc_s Latency of gsfc_s
EOP series IERS C04 32.28 days 2017.04.23_00:00:00 latency of c04_c Latency of c04_c
EOP series Rapid IGS GNSS rapid 42.66 hour 2017.05.23_12:00:37 latency of igr_r Latency of igr_r
EOP series IGS GNSS ultra-rapid 18.66 hour 2017.05.24_12:00:37 latency of igu_u Latency of igu_u
EOP series CODE GNSS 11.78 days 2017.05.13_12:00:37 latency of code_f Latency of code_f
AAM series GEOS-FCS assimilation -53.33 hour 2017.05.27_12:00:00 latency of geosfcs_a Latency of geosfcs_a
NERS series NERS forecast -53.35 hour 2017.05.27_12:01:15 latency of ners_n Latency of ners_n


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